Thursday, June 4, 2015

Black Cowboy Hat with Red Paisley Bandana

Black Cowboy Hat with Red Paisley Bandana

  • Adult Cowboy Hat and Bandana is a Great for dress up and role play
  • Happy and Fun costume accessory
  • Hat is 100% Polyester Felt and Paisley Bandanna is 100% Cotton
  • You will look great in this cowboy hat with bandana!
  • Affordable Halloween or Year Round dress up!

(You can choose a different color bandanna...which is totally SWEET!!!)


LOL....Guess next time I should actually put on some make-up!!!

I’ll be honest, I didn’t think this hat would be any more than a one use and toss it out. However, I really shouldn’t have assumed until I got it out of the box. This Cowboy hat is made WAY better than what you’d find in those party stores around town for more money. I personally LOVE the way it fits on my head. I can’t wait until the big Cowgirl/Cowboy party down in New Orleans…It’s going to look AWESOME. Oh and the bandanna was a nice little extra…I won’t use it myself as I’m not going for the whole old school cow girl….more the cute cow girl, but I will find a good use for it. 
Of course you all know I'm going to be telling everyone about this little gem before we all leave....I mean we're gonna tear it up down in the bayou!!!

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