Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Surf Grip ~Review~

With the Surf-Grip, swimmers of all abilities will be able to improve their body surfing experience. The Surf-Grip is a water sports and fitness device that beach goers can use to increase their buoyancy and get a good ride. The  Surf-Grip is a pair of foam paddles with handles and is easy to transport, making Surf-Grip the ideal product to bring on beach trips. A wide audience of expert and novice riders will be able to pick up the Surf-Grip and enjoy the thrill and power of the ocean. Surf-Grip offers an affordable alternative to body boards or surf boards and is a fun new way to ride waves.

Sooo Freakin AWESOME!!!!
There wasn't a moment that my kids weren't having fun with these!
I personally didn't get a chance to use them, but that was only because when it was my chance, they were snatched by the one of the other adults and I didn't see them again until it was time to pack up to head home. I did get to use the boogie board as much as I wanted....really?!?!?!
What I can tell you is that....
A-They worked in any type of wave....even the little ones
B- They worked no matter how big you are.....fat/tall who cares!
They appeared to be a ton of fun.... as I stated the boogie board was left aside for them.
I would totally recommend them for any one looking for that extra bit of fun in the water. 
Remember Christmas is right around the corner and these would make a stellar present!!!

Check out this amazing Company

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ozeri Bath Scale

Ozeri Bath Scale


The new Ozeri Precision Digital Bathroom Scale features auto calibration technology that makes tracking your weight easy, right out of the box. With the latest generation of Step-on Activation, your body weight is displayed immediately upon stepping onto the scale, with no tapping required to turn on or activate the scale. The Ozeri Precision Digital Bathroom Scale accurately displays results in increments of 0.2 pounds or 0.1 kilograms on its easy to read widescreen LCD, and uses 4 G sensors to capture weights up to 400 lbs or 180 kg with industry leading accuracy. The Ozeri Precision Digital Bathroom Scale also boasts a convenient unit button that instantly changes the unit of measurement from pounds to kilograms and optionally British stones. The Ozeri Precision Digital Bathroom Scale utilizes an oversized platform, impact resistant tempered glass, and durable construction. It is designed with accuracy, convenience and ease of use in mind. It also turns off automatically to conserve battery life, and runs on 1 Lithium 2032 battery (included) for the best in performance. Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed.

Buy Your Own
My Opinion
(Isn't it a pretty scale?!?!)
I'll be honest I don't like scales. I always feel fatter after weighing myself. However after having some health issues in the family, it was time for a change!
I love my Ozeri scale. It's nothing like the big huge ones that if you aren't looking you stub your toe or half the time you weigh yourself and it has an error or doesn't weigh my husband who was at 350 (Now down to 285...happy happy).
My Ozeri is slim line, low to the floor, easy to read...didn't take anything but taking it out of the box and BAM it's on the money. The whole family thinks it's awesome. My five year old loves to run out and scream " OZ says I'm 37.9" (Yes, we nicknamed the scale "OZ").
Of course I kept my old scale right next to my Ozeri for the first two weeks. I had to ensure that it was weighing right. I was pleasantly surprised.
My old scale went out with the donations and maybe is helping someone else. I personally will not be parting with my Ozeri anytime soon. It's such a wonderful feeling knowing that the scale is there, you see your numbers drop...Smiles all around.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Monday, November 11, 2013

UGLee Pen

About the Ultimate Grip Pen
The top ergonomic comfort pen for anyone who writes: Students, Teachers, Nurses, Accountants, Office Workers, Secretaries... Relief for MS, CTS & Arthritis. http://www.ugleepen.com/
UGLeePen provides ultimate comfort, amazing grip and a virtually weightless writing experience that glides over any writing surface.



I'll be totally honest at first I didn't think it would meet up with it's hype.
I mean a lot of pens have claimed to prevent hand cramps from writing all day long.
Surprisingly this pen does prevent cramping, at least it did during my day long Christmas card signing.
I have a couple 100 cards that I mail out each year, I sign all my family's names and in some I even include a brief little note. So, that being said not having an aching hand was a pleasant surprise. Now if only the pen prevent an aching back and eyes....lol
The pen was wonderful, the ink stayed fluid without skipping and the comfy jelly like grip didn't even bite into my finger like other grips usually do.
I think anyone who writes all day long would enjoy this pen...I gave one to my doctor who LOVES it. She found the same relief as I did.
Anyone who has issues writing a long time with other pens should totally try these  ergonomic pens.

About Doctor Lee
about dr. lee

Dr. Lee's Biography

Dr. Lee received his BS in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry from Yale University and his MD from Stanford University School of Medicine. Dr. Lee has done his share of writing throughout his academic and professional life. All of the writing required by medical school and physician training took its toll. After trying just about every pen and failing to find a truly comfortable one, Dr. Lee was determined to create his own. Known to even fire his own clay pens, Dr. Lee has experimented with just about every combination of shape, texture, material, and ink mixtures in search of the optimum combination for the "Perfect Pen."

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Monday, November 4, 2013

My Caring Cross: "When I Am Afraid I Will Trust In You"

The Olivewood Cross

Caring Crosses are individually carved from a single unique piece of beautifully grained olive wood pruned from the olive trees around Bethlehem the birthplace of Jesus. Christians have been carving crosses like this for hundreds of years, originally for pilgrims and more recently tourists visiting the Holy Land. Each craftsman receives a fair price to support their family and Christian community. The Caring Cross is designed to fit comfortably into the palm of your hand as an aid to prayer or meditation. Ideal as your spiritual companion for easing children's fears, comforting worries and stresses of adults and focusing the prayer of the sick and elderly.


Although I took a bit to post a review, it in no way reflects on the Crosses. These are AMAZING! There is a feeling that I just can't explain...it comes over you the first time you grasp one of these Crosses in your hand. I don't know if it's the fact knowing that the wood came from the same place as Jesus or just....

I gave one of my Crosses to my mother in law for her birthday and to see her face, the tears, it was a wonderful feeling. Sharing these Crosses is an Amazing feeling...it's a different face every time, but the meaning is clear. These Crosses are wonderful.
I planned on keeping the other for myself, but after the joy I've seen it give others I'll be sending it forth....allowing it to bring more joy to even more people.
If you ever are at a lost to get a gift for someone you love or someone that needs a little extra lift, these are perfect. I recommend these to everyone.

If your worried about the actual quality of the Cross don't..They are solid and come in a soft little bag. I did notice that because these are handmade...NO two are the same. Yes, they are the same design, but the color of the grain is different with each and with mine one was slightly fatter at the bottom, but hey my hand is slightly larger than some...so it fit Perfect...like it was made for me :)

( when ordering from My Caring Cross, used discount code...YOURCROSS to receive 10% off. Only good til Christmas)

To learn more about My Caring Cross, the story of how they became, made and brought forth, please visit here.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.