Thursday, June 4, 2015

Black Cowboy Hat with Red Paisley Bandana

Black Cowboy Hat with Red Paisley Bandana

  • Adult Cowboy Hat and Bandana is a Great for dress up and role play
  • Happy and Fun costume accessory
  • Hat is 100% Polyester Felt and Paisley Bandanna is 100% Cotton
  • You will look great in this cowboy hat with bandana!
  • Affordable Halloween or Year Round dress up!

(You can choose a different color bandanna...which is totally SWEET!!!)


LOL....Guess next time I should actually put on some make-up!!!

I’ll be honest, I didn’t think this hat would be any more than a one use and toss it out. However, I really shouldn’t have assumed until I got it out of the box. This Cowboy hat is made WAY better than what you’d find in those party stores around town for more money. I personally LOVE the way it fits on my head. I can’t wait until the big Cowgirl/Cowboy party down in New Orleans…It’s going to look AWESOME. Oh and the bandanna was a nice little extra…I won’t use it myself as I’m not going for the whole old school cow girl….more the cute cow girl, but I will find a good use for it. 
Of course you all know I'm going to be telling everyone about this little gem before we all leave....I mean we're gonna tear it up down in the bayou!!!

***All reviews are my own opinion....Products are provided in exchange for an honest OPINION...Please feel free to form your own once you purchase the all OPINIONS vary****

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Slow Cooker Recipes for Beginners

Slow Cooker Recipes for Beginners are great for people who like creative and modern food, similar to what would be served in a good restaurant.
The slow cooker is an amazingly versatile appliance that allows for easy creativity in our kitchen. In addition to classics such as spicy beef stew and chicken piccata you’ll learn how to use the freshest spices and ingredients to make dishes you never thought possible.
The Slow Cooker Recipes for Beginners was designed for busy people who don’t want to sacrifice great-tasting, nutritious meals.

My Opinion
The recipes were good. All of them were very easy to follow and had really good flavor.

The Greek Stew was hands down my favorite!!! But, where I live there are NO GREEK people anywhere so to get anything with Greek flavor, so of course.....I'm all over it!!!

Anyone that knows anything about a  Slow Cooker it is a blessing...It makes life easy. If you have a busy day planned...Dinner can be started right in the morning and BAM it's done when you get home. This book has you off to a great start.
Now to what I don't like... for a beginner in the cooking world...It doesn't include if you're a visual person....This isn't your book. 
The recipes maybe great but there isn't anything to compare them to.
That can be a real downer for some newbies.
Other than that, there isn't any issues.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

True Skin Care Soothing Eye Gel Review

True Skin Care’s proprietary formula is a unique blend of natural ingredients designed with sensitive skin in mind. Hyaluronic Acid will keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. While Peptides and Green Tea stimulate the skin to reverse the signs of aging and vitamins and peptides nourish your skin to fight free radicals and keep your skin looking fresh!

Purchase where you already shop, True Skin Care’s Eye Gel can be purchased from Amazon (Prime Eligible)

Being that I have had puffy eyes and dark age lines most of my life, I had pretty much just made up my mind that there was NEVER going to be a product EVER to take care of this problem.
So, that being said when this product came up I thought "OK, I'll try it and see." 
After the first week I was actually surprised to see a decrease in the puffiness and a slow color change of my age lines. My awful dark circles that have plagued me for ions were leaving me!!!!
This couldn't be real?!?!?!
I continued to use the gel everyday and I was VERY happy with the results.
(Yes!!! Those belong to me!!!!)
No make-up or anything just me!!!! No puffiness or Age lines.....Pretty Sweet!!!!

Now the best part...from NOW until midnight on  the 20th ....Any of my readers that want to take advantage of the AWESOMENESS can save themselves $10 by using this promo code when checking out over at Amazon!!!
Go try it for yourselves!!!

Monday, February 16, 2015

XTAVA Professional Infrared Flat Iron ~Review~

XTAVA Professional Infrared Flat Iron

NEW INFRARED HIGHLY EFFICIENT HEAT TECHNOLOGY seals the hair's natural moisture, adds silkiness and shine that will last all day. Regular heating affects the surface causing more damage and frizzy hair; the far infrared waves penetrate the inner layer of the hair strand, heating it from the inside out, protecting the cuticle which is the most fragile part of the hair shaft. Ceramic tourmaline generates Ionic technology that reduces the hair's surface tension, leaving locks shiny and frizz-free.

DOUBLE THE SIZE, DOUBLE THE SPEED The InfraRed flat iron combines an upper Dual-Plate technology, that maintains even heat across the plates at all times, and an extra wide 2'' bottom Floating plate for optimal coverage. Fast straightening in minimum strokes for the perfect silky straight hair.

MAXIMUM HAIR PROTECTION The InfraRed flat iron features a temperature regulation function to ensure damage free straightening. Its advanced microprocessor controller allows you to regulate the heat setting using 10 temperature steps between 265F-445F according to your individual needs. The superior quality ceramic heater enables the flat iron to reach maximum temperature within 90 seconds and allows for quick heat up recovery.

360 SWIVEL 8 FT. CORD You will not need any extension cord or a nearby outlet thanks to its 8 ft. long power cord. Avoid getting your cable entangled while styling your hair, with the integrated 360 degree swivel system that will simply rotate as you work.

SHUT-OFF FUNCTION Incorporates a convenient auto-shutoff function that will turn off the device when left unattended - never worry again after rushing out.


I was totally amazed. I'm usually stuck with the old school one that burns my hair because the plates always get to hot. I'm pleasantly surprised that my hair never burned and it was straighten, silky smooth. The fact that this flat iron had an extra long cord that swirls was another pro!!! I wasn't getting tangled in the cord thus, messing up my hair or causing that wondrous burn on the forehead dilemma...which is a total bonus in my book!!
The sleek style and the over all quality of the the iron is a definite plus as well. So easy to hold and maneuver. My favorite auto-shut off for those of us that are forgetful and don't remember if we shut it off or not (Yep! already used that function once or twice!!!) ..Easy to read Temp LCD. Just WONDERFUL!
I think the only thing I might ever change would be to move the control buttons to the top so that when you're actually holding the iron you're not changing the temp or turning it off.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bulu Box Review ~AWESOME~

Bulu Box

Bulu Box is the first health, nutrition and weight loss discovery box designed to help you feel your best. Each month, you’ll get a custom box filled with a new mix of 4 to 5 premium samples from top brands to try. Every sample is sufficient enough to decide if the product is right for you. Of course, shipping is always free and you can cancel anytime. 

My Opinion

Yes ....That is an actual picture of the Bulu Box I was sent to review!!! I was AMAZED myself when it arrived. 
I love the fact that each item was basically a try before you buy kinda of deal. Instead of me going to the store and buying the whole huge bottle of vitamins and totally hating the taste or choking them down from the I have the chance to try them. Plus a lot of the products came with some type of savings to buy the actual size product.
My box ROCKED!!!
There wasn't anything in there that I  actually hated...
I did notice on their site they offer two different types of original the one I received and a weight loss one ....
Pretty cool.
I actually think these would make a great gift for all of those who keeping forgetting birthdays and gives through out the year.
It is one of my favorites so far of the monthly subscription available.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Krav Maga In No Time Review &Giveaway #kravmagainnotime

The Krav Maga In No Time home study course consists of 27 high quality HD format videos teaching you how to win and get out unharmed from a face-to-face attack. You will learn to use the natural movements of your body to defend yourself and move to a counterattack.
The basic principle of Krav Maga is minimum defense against maximum attack. This principle is embedded in each of the moves. Each movie shows a certain move of defense or attack accompanied by a straight-to-the-eye explanation. Then the move is shown in slow motion so that you are able to observe each detail.

Buy Your Copy Here

My opinion
I honestly loved how I could pause and go back to make sure I had the position correct without looking like a total idiot. If I was in a class I would be consistently checking everyone else and not paying attention to myself and fail in what I needed to learn.
Each video is slowed down so even the youngest of learner can comprehend what way your body is suppose to be in and how each movement is to go.
Nothing is left out of place, if you miss something go back and check it again.
No one is judging you in your own home.
It got to the point I was just standing in the right position without even thinking. I'd go out shopping and I wouldn't even be thinking, but sure enough, in the checkout feet were in position.
It started to become second nature. 
My children even got into it. My oldest actually kidnapped my computer and started watching the videos. 
He has to work on his positioning and his hands , but he's learning. You can too!!!
That's what's great about these DVDs...and I can't say enough about the instruction!!! Totally WONDERFUL!!!!



Monday, January 12, 2015

NOVA External Battery Bank, Portable Charger Review

NOVA External Battery Bank, Portable Charger

High Capacity - 5000 mAh Li-ion Rechargeable battery, Recharge over 1000 times!

LCD Screen - Shows the precise indication for your Power Bank battery charging level and device status
Dual Charge - 5V/2A ("fast charging") and 5V/1A USB outputs work simultaneously. USB charging ensures it will work with most of the devices.
Smart IC - Current protection prevents shorting, overheating and overcharging for safety!
1 Year Warranty

My Opinion

I'm the type of person who lives with their phone. I swear that thing dies and am LOST. I have a power pack in my bag and more times than not have gone to use it and dummy here forgot to re-charge it!!!

So, we have the NOVA (Thanks the worlds above!!!!) it has a screen to tell the blondes like me how much power is left for charging and if in fact it needs charging!!! SO LOVE THAT!!!
****Really awesome that it was charged at 94% right out of the box....THANKS RIF6*********
More so I LOVE and I MEAN LOVE that I can charge two things at once. So, if my phone dies and so does my friend's I can be nice and charge theirs as well. Whereas before I only charged my own and allowed them to make a call off my mine.
The size is bigger than that of other power packs on the market, still this is compact enough to fit in a pocket or a backpack without fail. The fact other power pack don't charge two phones at once and this does, SO MAKES UP for the size difference!!! I'd choose this one again and again.

My one suggestion should they ever redesign this would be to make those little plastic plugs to cover the slots to prevent crumbs and such from getting in. Just a suggestion.
Otherwise, Amazing product...Easy to use....Great!!!!

This is only my opinion, based solely by the use of this product and no other. Should you come to another opinion, that's your own, hey I'm happy for you. I found we each have our own. I was in no way shape or form paid for this opinion. The product was provided at no cost to me to provide an HONEST opinion.