Tuesday, October 22, 2013


 SendOutCards is the new way to let you use the ease of sending a card via the internet, but create a real card and have it arrive in the U.S. Mail.

I bet you all were wondering when you'd see that...I mean no more going to the store, no more trying to find a stamp, and yet, still tons of choices!!!
That's not all.....You can PERSONALIZE them!!!
So, sit right there in your PJ's and get going on all those cards (you know which ones!!!) that you're behind on.

The basics are as follows:

Check out the 1000's of card......NO that's not a typo...There really is that many!!!
Enter addresses 
BAM...... you're DONE

I chose.....

(on the inside...I only pick the best )

I know you're sitting there saying...."That's so something she would send".
Would you have me any other way?

Sending this wonderful card was simple...
I chose it...
Wrote my message of how I miss my friend Kathi...
I then entered her address and Mine.....
And WHOOSH....It was on the way.
She LOVED it....Facebooked me as soon as it came!!!!

Now for the pricing.....

So to break it down....if you need to send say 50 cards, each 2 panel (those are the normal card you find in the store), you'd pay roughly $2.00 plus for a good one...$.48 to a buck for the boring as all heck ones. Then add postage.....
You've paid almost $3.00 for ONE card!!! (Oh, and don't forget all the stuff you bought because you were at the store...that stuff that makes it into the cart....stuff you really didn't need..LOL)
If you take 50 and times it by $3.00 you're at  $150 bucks!!!
Whereas if you used https://www.sendoutcards.com/ you would of spent only $31....A huge difference!!
Even if you only had 10 to send ...$30 verses $9.80 ???? No Brainer!!!!
As an added extra for those monthly customers...un-used points carry over for up to 12 months....So if you have less one month and more another....You're covered....
It's a great value!!!!!

I personally have over 45 Christmas cards to send....that's just Family....
Yet, I found one that screams me....

I can just picture my great grandma getting that card....LOL
It will be an interesting phone call to say the least :)

So what are you sitting there waiting for....

And get started!!!!!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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