Sunday, December 14, 2014

Abigail and the Sahara Adventure Review

This is a wonderful book about a girl named Abigail.
Abigail found a magical bicycle in her grandparents' old house, and this bicycle takes her to the magnificent Sahara Desert.
Who will she meet there? What will she discover?
This beginner reader’s eBook will inspire your kids to be open to new cultures, and be more curious and enthusiastic about exploring various places.
Your kids will enjoy full-color illustrations of Abigail and the desert life.

My Opinion

Sweet and cute is how I'd describe this story. I mean really a magical bike that can take you anywhere you want to go. What a way to spark the imagination of our young readers. It was a wonderful bedtime read. My little reader kept asking a million questions, mainly asking if her grandpa can make her a magical bike. Explaining the functions of that was a chore in itself.
Over all I really enjoy the writings of Tali Carmi and her children's books. I know that her books always have an underlining lesson to come away with. I know that the story is always engaging and the illustrations are bright and unique. Such a wonderful job.


Tali Carmi

Tali Carmi spent her childhood in a small town in the desert.
She memorized and knew by heart many books that her parents read to her when she was very little. She played with words and rhymes and wrote her first book of songs at the age of ten. 
After many years of turning to other hobbies and maintaining a successful career, she now writes again for young children.
Tali is the CEO and founder of a software company and a business coach focused on the fast growth and success of small businesses.
She holds a B.Sc. in Food Science and Biotechnology, and she is a graduate of a Team Management and Leadership program.
Tali Carmi is happily married and a mom of three children.

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