Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Universal 2-in-1 USB Wall Charger and Portable 3000 Mah Power Bank / Battery Charger

Universal 2-in-1 USB Wall Charger and Portable 3000 Mah Power Bank / Battery Charger 

-Unique 2 in 1 Design Combining a Wall Charger and a Power Bank that fits in the palm of your hand.

-Charges both it's own Power Bank Battery and your Device together either directly from a Wall Socket or from a USB Power Source. 
- LED indicators display available Battery life of Power Bank.
-Wall Charger Spec: Input AC 100-240V~50/60Hz 0.15A | Output DC 5V-1A.
-Power Bank 3000 mAh Spec: Input: DC 5V-800mA | Output DC 5V-1A.
-Compatible with leading Smart Phones and Tablet Manufacturers - Built in power conservation technology eliminates power drain.


Even Nannie figured it out...and she's in her 70's!!! I got this home charged it and hope I wouldn't have to put it to the test of actually using it. Well turns out I didn't need it first, Nannie did. Her phone DIED and she was waiting on a call from the doctors... We all know how doctors are when the call with important information, if they don't get you the first time you play tag trying to call them back. Well I told her to use this cool little power bank to give her phone that extra boost. At first she thought I was speaking alien with a new head spouting from my neck, but once I plugged her in and the phone came to life, it was if I change water into wine. The doctor called ten minutes later, all was good and now Nannie wants a Yellow Power Bank for Christmas. Because Blue clashes with her grey hair.

Personally I think it's great aside from all that. I love that I can charge the bank either from the wall or my computer. I can just toss it in my bag or car and have it ready anytime I need it. I can't count how many times I've needed one. My phone loves to start with a full battery and die within four hours. It's a amazing product and why better than that of what you'd find in Wal-mart's cheap aisle.

This product was supplied to me for an honest review. I have since bought Nannie her own Yellow one as I did really LOVE this product. I ask that everyone form this own opinion and only use mine as a guide. Feel free to ask me any questions.

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